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Marketing Manager of Royal Villas Hotel


Years in the Hospitality Industry: 19 years

Years in the Eswatini Hospitality Industry: 19 years

Educational qualifications: Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Diploma in Business Administration

Bachelors in Business Administration

Positions held within the industry:


Why would you travel to Eswatini?:

Eswatini is easily accessible by road and air. This is a lovely Kingdom with a beautiful scenery. Eswatini caters for most tourist interests such as wildlife, handcrafts, culture, festivals, flora and fauna, adventure activities. Eswatini has outstanding accommodation offering from beehives to hotel rooms. As small as it, it allows for itineraries that are more than 7 days because there is a lot to do and see, whether you are self-driving or on a guided tour.