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From March 2020 hospitality and tourism as an industry and those businesses related to them have been at a standstill. On direction from His Majesty the Prime Minister has formed a Post COVID Tourism Recovery Committee. Tourism sincerely believes to beat this pandemic a partnership is needed. Together with the Government, Eswatini Tourism Authority several initiatives have been and are being planned or being actioned.

  • HOTAES members have committed to a 3.2.1. campaign. This buy 3 pay for 2 for everyone. This is effectively a 30% discount should the customer buy three (3) or more products.
  • Open the border gate between Eswatini and Mozambique before South Africa does. The hope is to bring all the Mozambique shoppers to Eswatini for at least one (1) night.
  • Advocating relief for Tourism businesses. HOTAES is looking for government to discount or provide certain benefits for the tourism sector. Relief in the following areas: Municipal rates, A Stipend for Tourism staff, Assistants with the labor law etc.
  • Treat Tourism differently. There are a number of expenses that the tourism industry has that are not normal in other industries. Tourism facilities should have a different electrical grade. Use Tourism as an industry to see if plan to reduce income tax works.
  • Eswatini Tourism Authority to provide one web page for all facilities to be able to be booked on. A one stop shop on the internet.

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