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South African radio station 5FM have been on the ground in Eswatini, exploring its wonders and sharing their discoveries with listeners in South Africa and online through their social media following. They have been broadcasting about Eswatini on their drivetime show 5Drive 3pm-6pm from 14th June 2021.

5FM broadcast nationwide across South Africa and stream online to the world. The station labels itself “the entertainment powerhouse for South African youth, offering the most popular contemporary music and entertainment.”

The five-day tour of the Kingdom was hosted the Hospitality and Tourism Association of Eswatini (HOTAES) and with the support of the Eswatini Tourism Authority. The team of 6 presenters was fronted by leading presenter Nick Hamman, host of their popular drive time show, 5Drive, broadcast Monday – Friday, 3 – 6pm. The tour of Eswatini is part of the 5Drive Africa Tour, where they are visiting a number of African countries showcasing the positivity of the continent.

Follow the coverage on their social media with hashtag: #5DAfricaTour