Projects & Resources

HOTAES works on a variety of projects which can be seen below. As a result of the projects, the following resources are also available for use by members of the Eswatini tourism industry.

COVID-19 Guidelines

To ensure your establishment is following the correct protocols for preventing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) please download this document.

Special Offers

In an effort to encourage more business, HOATES members & businesses across Eswatini’s tourist industry have launched a series of Special Offers.

Unlocking Eswatini

HOTAES, in partnership with the Government and the Eswatini Tourism Authority have formed a Post-COVID Tourism Recovery Committee to 'unlock Eswatini' to help aid in the country's recovery from COVID-19.


Official Constitution by the Hospitality & Tourism Association of Eswatini. The Constitution was last ammended in 2012. Available as a PDF download below.

Travel Advisory

As travel & tourism attempt to re-start, HOTAES is gathering all relevant information and documents in one place.

Events Calendar

HOTAES worked with the Eswatini Tourism Authority and local event organisers to establish an annual Events Calendar, promoting our cultural and sporting events that attract international travellers.